NEWS April 2009 - Wikalong dead, hwiKalong sputters

The original Wikalong project servers remain down. So I am setting up a wikalong-like server which shall be called hwiKalong.

The new hwiKalong project can be found here.

Please update your Bookmarklet!

Too bad my server is not always online.

I will keep this page here, in case the Wikalong project is ever revived. I have added a 10 second timer, which makes it slow to redirect, but gives users the chance to read the news before getting a 404. ;)

Original page follows...

Wikalong bookmarklets / redirection script

PLEASE NOTE: This page is moving.
The new page should appear soon at:

These are pages I prepared for the Wikalong maintainers to put on their site, but they never did. They just contain changes to the Javascript so that the redirect will work on their site, with no need to contact

Local copies are at: and <-- If you run the Wikalong webserver, grab these!

OLD PAGE follows...

If you don't know what Wikalong is, then check out the links lower down on this page.

If you want to start using Wikalong, you may like to install one of the Bookmarklets below, or the extension for Mozilla.

If you have just used a Wikalong bookmarklet then this page should automatically redirect to the Wikalong Wiki in a few moments... (If not we have a bug!)

Mozilla Firefox extension

Install latest version - This allows you to open a sidebar containing the Wikalong page corresponding to the webpage you are currently browsing.

Once Firefox has installed the Wikalong extension (you will probably need to authorise the site first), you need to restart Firefox. Then open the Wikalong Sidebar by accessing menu: View -> Sidebar -> Wikalong.

Bookmarklets for other web browsers

Right-click on a bookmarklet to add it to your favourites (Internet Explorer), bookmarks (Mozilla), or minitools (Konqueror). The two recommended bookmarklets are in bold.

  • Wikalong Sidebar: Shows the Wikalong for the current page in a closeable sideframe.
    Wikalong Sidebar (Not in Mozilla)
    Wikalong Sidebar (Mozilla version)
  • Wikalong Popup: Pops up the Wikalong for the current page in a new window.
    Wikalong Popup
  • Wikalong Sideframe: Show Wikalong for current page in new sideframe (Mozilla version)
  • Old bookmarklet 3: Popup Wikalong split with current page in new window (has stopped working in Konqueror!)
  • Old bookmarklet 1: Open Wikalong for current page in this window
  • When you are next on a webpage and want to see what other members of the public have said about it, just open one of the bookmarklets, and you should be redirected to the corresponding Wikalong page. (If the page is empty, then the first comments can be yours!)

    Note: Some websites (example), if loaded in a child frame, will use Javascript to detect and automatically replace the frameset. For these sites, Bookmarklets 3-5 (Sidebar) will not work, so use Bookmarklet 1 or 2 instead (Popup).

    Also note: Due to Javascript security, the sidebar or popup created by the Bookmarklet will not update when you browse to new pages. Bookmarklets must be invoked separately for each page you visit (so put them somewhere easy to reach!).



  • Wikalong Homepage - Find out about Wikalong.
  • Primary Wikalong Storage Wiki - Each page on the WWW (potentially) has a corresponding publicly-editable page on this Wiki.
  • Other Web Commentary Services

  • Opine-It - user comments on webpages (you need an account).
  • Opine-It Popup - Opens the Opine-It commentary for the current webpage in a new window
  • Opine-It Bottombar (Not Mozilla) - Introduces a closeable pane at the bottom of the page, containing the Opine-It commentary for the current webpage.
  • Opine-It Bottombar (Mozilla version) - as previous
  • Graffiti the Web! - lets you add graffiti to any website (provided it isn't already plastered!)
  • StumbleUpon - brief comments on webpages; follow user's other favourite links. (Commercial operation)
  • - brief commentary on not a whole webpages, but of sub-elements of webpages. Requires an account. (Commercial operation)
  • Development

    TODO: 16/04/2009: Especially now that the Wikalong storage wiki is gone, we should allow this page to generate a custom bookmarklet for the user, which given the URL, will redirect to a storage wiki of their choosing. (The bookmarklet will simply contain an extra cgi parameter, which will be picked up by the redirection script. md5sum of the title could be one of many options, if we could think of any alternatives ^^) Of course this would create an infinite number of storage wikis (potentially more than per user) - a neater alternative might be if the admin who sets up each storage wiki creates a targetted copy of this redirect page (or an alternative method of access).

    DONE 23/01/2005: Since Mozilla would not let me populate FRAMEs from a bookmarklet, I introduced IFRAME implementations for Mozilla.

    TODO: What hope is there of autodetecting whether a page rejects framesets, so the alternative bookmarklet can be used? It could be implemented in a few different ways, so detection might be hard.

    TODO: Mozilla behaves slightly differently on Linux/Windows, but there is a bug whereby popups cause the original webpage to become "[Object Window]".

    DONE 23/01/2005: Made Bookmarklets for Opine-It.

    TODO: Why not migrate a lot of this page onto its Wikalong page? If pre-Wikalong users need to see it, use an IFRAME to include it in this page.

    TODO: Help integrate with the wikalong site. (Bring js inline. Separate Bookmarklets page from redirect script page?)

    DONE 14/01/2005: I think I have fixed a potential bug with CGI parameters, which were not being properly escaped and unescaped when passed via GET URLs.

    DONE 14/01/2005: Added the title CGI parameter, and now passing the url parameter along. This should make the Bookmarklets compatible with the Firefox extension.

    TODO: Allow user to choose an alternative Wikalong Storage Wiki. Two options: 1) Make some Javascript to generate a custom bookmarklet that meets the users specification. 2) Can the Javascript running on this page access the user's Cookies for this site? If so, we can add an option to this page to set the user's preferred Storage Wiki by actually setting a Cookie.

    Please send bugreports and/or flowers (or neither) to: joey whose mailserver address m@y or may not be but probably is

    Quickly here is how it works: The bookmarklet prepares the window or frame for Wikalong, and then points it to this page, passing the CGI parameters url and title. Javascript in this page looks for the url parameter, and if found, calculates the MD5 sum of the URL. This allows it to construct the appropriate Wikalong Storage Wiki URL, to which the browser is redirected.

    I have not yet considered whether it might be possible to compress the md5sum code into few enough bytes that it can go straight inside the bookmarklet, without need for this redirection page. (Is the maximum bookmarklet size still fixed at 256 in most browsers?)

    Progressing with Bookmarklet 4, it would be nice if a second call to the Bookmarklet would then hide the sidebar again (done for Konqueror, see Bookmarklet 5).

    Also, it would be nice if we could update the sidebar if a link is followed in the main frame, changing the location (but unfortunately this is unlikely: Javascript security prevents JS from investigating documents loaded from other URLs).

    Unfortunately the Wikalong Wiki won't hold Javascript links, so I could not put the bookmarklets there. Should I put them on my Wiki instead, or migrate them elsewhere?

    History: There was once this, which may possibly have been inspiration for this page.