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Political front page

"In the real community the individuals obtain their freedom through their association." K.Marx


Ongoing projects

Study and Reference

Other Areas

Older inactive pages, possibly irrelevant and exploratory stuff

  • IntroDeleuzeGuattari (old reading project & how to participate)
  • PoliticalAnnouncements?
  • WarBites
  • GoaVirtualConferenceisPossible
  • ReportWorkspace
  • Two extremes to political action:
  • TheConversation: The long-term goal of including all people in a global political discussion. (With the aim of organising to maximise our happiness.)
  • TheCommune?: The short-term goal of forming suitable environments for ourselves now. (To provide empowerment, efficiency, freedom, ...)

  • Remember the importance of feedback in the work that you do.
  • We seek ideas which are infectious memes that will spread and evolve.


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