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Neuralyte.WindowManagementPolicyDraftr1.1 - 29 Sep 2004 - 17:07 - JoeyTwiddletopic end

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Joey's desired desktop policy

  • "I want my Linux desktop to work like an IDE in certain respects."
  • (Eclipse is a good example of an easily-rearrangeable window situation.)

  • Theory: Sometimes while doing something I want to start a "sub-task" or a separate task entirely. I usually go to a separate desktop.
  • Implementation: It would be nice to be able to temporarily create a new desktop (optionally giving it a name) and then destroy it when the task is complete.

  • Theory:
    • When a task (one desktop) requires a lot of windows, I (usually) like to group them into...
    • Five window types:
      • web browser windows,
      • gui apps,
      • reading a document (eg. reference: a man page, or a Javadoc page),
      • file editor,
      • watching a log (or a program's output),
      • an active xterm (or other command-line app, or more generally, "a window you type commands into")
  • Implementation:
    • I would like it if each desktop would be automatically divided into the five types.
    • (eg. in Fluxbox, all windows of the same type could be automatically grouped/tabbed together)
    • (Of course we may want to be able to separate particular windows out if desirable - ie. the grouping should not be unbreakable.)

  • Theory: Another thought, for shell / command-line users only:
  • Implementation:
    • either within one screen session or terminal, or globally,
    • the (comline and the) output of the last 10 commands should be rotated and easily retrievable from history,
    • either for glancing back, or going back to copy

-- JoeyTwiddle - 29 Sep 2004
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