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Neuralyte.StandardiseWebsiteThemesr1.1 - 29 Sep 2004 - 16:57 - JoeyTwiddletopic end

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  • or "Make all websites look like your standard boring grey MS app."

  • "I get confused when I go to a new site about what will happen when I click on different bits of the page. I wish they all were a bit more similar so I knew how to deal with them easily."

  • Present a set of icons that you can use to make your site look like a standard MS app.
  • Encourage a set of websites to use these icons to present the site, so that the site looks like an MS app.
  • But then also allow them to use CSS and a replacement set of icons to make their site look crazy-pretty and different.
  • Then users can change CSS and their set of icons (or partially override), to make all sites exhibit their preferred theme.
  • "All sites will follow some standard patterns, any of which the user will be able to (override) and easily recognise."
  • It might also be desirable to form a RFC of "classes" which (X)HTML page elements can be labelled with, for different GUI types
    • eg.
      • "dialog"
      • "editable area"
      • People don't use <LI><TL> anymore frown
        • "menu block"
        • "menu title"
        • "menu item"
      • "essentially a tab"
        • means it will change the/a main (display) window (page-portion) to a different page

-- JoeyTwiddle - 29 Sep 2004
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