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Neuralyte.JavaWebBrowserr1.6 - 29 Apr 2009 - 11:45 - TWikiGuesttopic end

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This project has now officially moved to SourceForge:

Try it with JavaWebStart: (unfortunately some features are disabled due to Java security)

My latest source:

Look! JavaWebBrowser can post on this Wiki. big grin

Well that's about as far as neuralyte's Java web browser got. The project was not finished and is not currently under development.

Other projects of the time were: Jazilla, IceBrowser? (proprietary), Java SWT Web Browser

A recent and promising looking project is: Lobo

Outstanding bugs

Put most urgent bugs at the top.

  • Back button! (Create a HistoryManager (need to distinguish session history from user history)? Make forward into a tree?)
  • JEditorPane's textarea problem.
    • No longer occurring at this URL.
    • The Swing component failed to render the textfield properly when attempting to edit the first version of this page, presumably because it contained tags.
  • Sometimes occurs at this URL:
    • I tried to make a second edit but the browser did not appear to attach any EventListeners.
    • Was it a CGI sessionID / cached response problem?
  • When a WebConversation arrives at non-HTML content, it throws Exception. Most browsers offer Open/Save dialog.
  • TextAreas should be made to wrap text.
  • Skipping to # anchors doesn't work (GUI only, not neccessarily HttpUnit).
  • Stylesheets
    • Unfortunately, JEditorPane does not appear to automatically support HTML pages layed out with divs and stylesheets, so some pages don't look too pretty at the moment

Fixed bugs

  • Bug caused the LinkClickEventCatcher (implements HyperlinkEventListener) to produce too many LinkClickEvents: unlike other event listeners, it attaches to the top-level component, which does not in fact change when the page contents do.

-- JoeyTwiddle
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