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Neuralyte.HttpUnitExtensionsr1.4 - 10 Jul 2004 - 00:33 - JoeyTwiddletopic end

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  • The aim of this project is to add extensions to HttpUnit and the Rhino JavaScript implementation, so that they are more compatible with webpages which are commonly browsed by Internet Explorer.
  • Basically we want to extend Rhino so that it can operate successfully on pages writted for IE.
  • But we are also keeping separate any ECMA / JavaScript1.5 extensions we add to Rhino, so we can approach a modern open standards compliant implementation.

  • Please let me know if you would like me to split up these patches by feature. At the moment, all features are included, but are linked to booleans in the org.mozilla.javascript.JavaScriptExtensions class, so they can be found, and can be switched on or off.

  • At present my patches intentionally minimise the changes to the code, because I do not expect the developers to accept these patches, so I must make it easy to keep up with them by minimising conflicts during CVS merges. However, if this project was to gain popularity, and be adopted by the community, a better designs could be used.

-- JoeyTwiddle - 29 Jun 2004
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