Personas3d is in beta.

Until the script is fixed, you MUST Preview before trying to Wear or Download. The Preview is currently very slow, in the future it should only process part of the image.

To load the generated persona with the Wear button, you need to add to extensions.personas.authorizedHosts in your about:config options. Otherwise you must download the image and make a custom persona.

Tools / Source

How to get Header/Footer URLs:

  • You can use Personas3d whilst you are on the official website. Greasemonkey users can install the Personas3d userscript. Otherwise you can drag this Personas Tweaker bookmarklet into your Toolbar or Bookmarks, and click it when you want to do some tweaking.
  • If you have Unix/Cygwin/bash and ImageMagick>=6.4.4, you can process your persona at home using the Personas3d shellscript.

    When I tried Firefox 3.6 I found Personas3d was broken yet again. It seems I have to fix it every single upgrade, but this time I just could not be bothered. I downgraded to Firefox 3.5 instead :P If you can find the problem feel free to contact me.